CoinFlex -First Physically Delivered Cryptocurrency Futures Exchange

Up to $100k per week
in prizes to be won…

Launching the CoinFLEX Bracket Order Battle
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The world’s first
physically delivered
futures exchange

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Trust. Access. Transparency.
CoinFLEX is aiming to solve this with the
creation of the Initial Futures Opening.

Initial Futures Opening – trade coins
before the main net launches publicly

About IFO

The Coin of the Takers

The more you trade
The more you get

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Physical delivery means
no cash price settlement risk

Flat 0.03% fees for both makers & takers

Up to 20x leveraged
Bitcoin & Stablecoin futures
Suite of tools provided by

Physically delivered cryptocurrency futures
You receive or deliver the digital asset so no cash price settlement manipulation risk
Backed by a consortium of professional trading partners  
Trading Technologies, Crypto Veterans, Market Makers and VCs
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No in-house trading desk
We don’t compete with our customers
Transparent 0.03% Maker & Taker Fees
Designated market makers can get as low as 0 maker / 1 bps taker fees
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99% multi-signature cold storage
Security practices from a 6-year crypto exchange track record with zero security issues
Flexibility for your choice of funding
Post margin in either Bitcoin or Tether with low KYC


Super high-performance API with up to 200 API orders/sec per user
CoinFLEX offers a fully featured REST API and streaming Websocket API

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Prohibited Countries: American citizens and residents of the United States of America, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Afghanistan and any other Countries that are restricted from trading on our platform are prohibited from holding positions or entering contracts at CoinFLEX. If it is determined that any CoinFLEX trading participant has given false representations as to their location or place of residence, CoinFLEX reserves the right to close any of their accounts and to liquidate any open positions.