We believe interest rates should be set by the market

Standing on the shoulders of the giants that came before us, CoinFLEX is inspired and dedicated to creating a market driven financial system that works, rewards and is easily accessible to everyone – not just the friends of Wall Street.

Our founders

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Mark Lamb

CEO & Co-founder

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Sudhu Arumugam


What we stand for


Innovation is at the core of who we are as a company and is what we believe seperates us from the rest. We are consistently creating innovative solutions and products that benefit the crypto-ecosystem and benefit our users.


We believe whenever you are lending or borrowing money, transparency is the best policy. Lenders shouldn’t have any doubt about where their money is, what it is being used for or when they will get paid back and how much and honest borrowers will have no problem by making all of that as clear as day.

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A Free Market

At the core of what we do is a belief that a free market is a fair market. We want to create a financial ecosystem that is self regulated and gets everyone involved. We don’t believe that we, or any other authority, should intervene or disrupt the forces of supply and demand.

Crypto Values

CoinFLEX was founded by a team of crypto fans, enthusiasts, believers, idealists or whatever other term can describe those who truly believe in how crypto and blockchain technology can change the world. These beliefs are still held strong in our hearts and our values as a company.

But our actions speak louder than our words

We created

The worlds first interest-earning stablecoins.
The first institutional lending platform that is driven by the free market & rewards everyday people.
The first physically delivered crypto futures exchange.
A system where interest rates are determined by the free market.

We show

Who is involved.
What sets the interest rates.
When you will get paid.
Where your money is going & where the interest comes from.
Why we do what we do.
How we make our money.

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We allow

The market to determine your interest rates.
Anyone to earn interest daily by holding stablecoins.
A bridge for everyday people to lend to some of the worlds biggest institutional investors, and earn their fair share.
An open, transparent and competitive market.

We believe

In a new financial system that works for everyone.
In a decentralised future.
In a peer to peer & market driven economy.
In the need value of Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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