CoinFLEX Affiliates can earn up to 40% of fees on every trade from users who sign-up through their affiliate link. Those referred will enjoy reduced trading fees by 10% for 30 days via a rebate.

Commission Structure

Affiliates receive a bonus commission when someone they refer wins a CoinFLEX trading competition.
**Your trading fees scale down as you stake more FLEX

Reduce Trading Fees

Anyone who owns FLEX coins can get a 50% reduction on trading fees if they opt to pay with FLEX. These fees will be rebated once a day, simultaneously debiting FLEX from any account that has opted in. See staking structure.

Increase Affiliate Commission

Your affiliate and sub-affiliate commissions are increased by staking FLEX Coin. The more you stake, you greater your commission percentages. Read more about becoming a CoinFLEX Affiliate.

Benefits to the Affiliates

Affiliates receive a percentage of trade fees paid by those you refer. Affiliates give those who sign up through their affiliate link a limited-term Fee Rebate on completed trade fees for 30 days.

Benefits to Those Referred

Those who register for a CoinFLEX account with a valid affiliate link will receive a 10% rebate of the completed trade fees paid for 30 days from the time of registration. The rebate will apply on all of our order books.

Affiliate Commission Delivery

For our spot order books, Commissions earned from trades completed by those referred through an affiliate link will become available in the affiliate’s balance after 12pm UTC on the day after the Commissions were earned. For our futures products, as they are physically delivered, the Commission earned from trades completed by those referred will only become available in the affiliate’s balance after 12pm UTC on the day of expiry of the relevant futures contracts.