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Complete the Libra IFO Quiz and win 1000 FLEX!

[Announcement, updated on Oct 18th]


We are extending the CoinFLEX Libra IFO Q&A to Oct 23rd from 20th Oct.
Join the CoinFLEX AMA in Telegram ( at 9pm UTC with CEO Mark Lamb. 
Find out the answers and possible to get 1000FLEX!


Dear FLEXers,


CoinFLEX is launching Libra IFO on October 24th! 

Join this quick Q&A and win 1000 FLEX


How to participate:
1. Join CoinFLEX telegram community:

2. Follow CoinFLEX Twitter, like and retweet the post:

3. Click the following link and fill out the required info:


Only one of the participants with at least 6 correct answers will be selected to win the prize of 1000 FLEX.



Please note that each participant can only attempt the quiz ONCE. Repeat submission with multiple accounts will be disqualified. The quiz will end on the 20th of October (10:00 AM UTC) and the result will be announced in all CoinFLEX’s official social media a week later. 



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