FLEX Staking: Benefit as a fellow FLEXer!

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Here at CoinFLEX we continuously strive for a better trading experience for all our supporters. With this in mind we have rolled out FLEX Staking!

By staking FLEX tokens for 30 days, users automatically become FLEXVIPs. FLEXVIPs will be able to enjoy lower fees, as well as other benefits which we which will be announced in the near future!

The current staking table with FLEXVIP levels can be found below, and at:


For the sake of clarification, you can get a further 50% off on fees by burning 100 FLEX every day. The 50% discount is applied to the updated fees above.

How to stake?

1. Log in and access our new dashboard, click “FLEX STAKING | LOWER FEES”.

2. Choose your FLEXVIP level and click “SUBMIT”.

3. And you’re set! Make sure to check ‘Set FLEX Coin Staking auto-renew” if you want to continue to stay at your FLEXVIP level!