How to participate in CoinFLEX IFO – DFINITY

How to participate in CoinFLEX IFO – DFINITY

CoinFLEX IFO will be launching the DFINITY futures contract on August 22nd at 12:00 PM UTC (20:00 Hong Kong Time).

Follow the steps below and be prepared to get an allocation of the DFINITY IFO pre-sale price!

IFO DFINITY Pre-sale price: $1.50

IFO DFINITY Pre-sale Allocation: 300

IFO DFINITY Pre-sale open time: August 19th, Midday UTC

  1. Go to
    Register/Login your CoinFLEX account (no KYC required to participate)
  2. At the Dashboard, go to “DFINITY Pre-Sale”
  3. Register interest in participating CoinFLEX — DFINITY IFO pre-sale

    Upload an image of yourself holding a white card with text: “DFINITY CoinFLEX IFO” or “DFINITY IFO @ CoinFLEX”, and click “Register Interest” button.

    After clicking “REGISTER INTEREST”, you will see your document submitted.

    If our team has any concerns about the submitted photo we will be in touch. Otherwise, consider yourself pre-approved for the pre-sale!

    Up to this step, you’ve completed the registration of interest in participating CoinFLEX IFO — DFINITY.

    BUT! This does not mean that you’ve already got an allocation of the pre-sale price!

    On the day of DFINITY IFO pre-sale (August 22nd)be ready at 12:00 PM UTC (20:00 Hong Kong time) with a 1000 FLEX and 300 USDT in your available balance.

    1. Prepare your account with 300 USDT balance to cover your DFINITY IFO purchase.

    You will be able to spend exactly 300 USDT at a price of 1.5 USDT per DFN to receive 200 DFN Futures.

    2. Lockup 1000 FLEX Coins

    To qualify for the pre-sale, you also need to hold 1000 FLEX Coins available to “lock-up” for 7 days.

    Go to Dashboard > “DFINITY Pre-Sale and hit the “Redeem“ button to get the 200 DFINITY Futures!

    Once DFINITY futures (DFNF) are trading (which will be 30 minutes later) you can buy or sell as much as you’d like!


    Only 300 allocations of 200 DFN futures are available.

    Don’t miss out on your chances!

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