How to participate in CoinFLEX IFO

How to participate in CoinFLEX IFO

The next CoinFLEX IFO will be launching soon. However, joining CoinFLEX IFO can be confusing as a newcomer, this article is intended for the ones that may have trouble understanding how to participate in the IFOs.

What is IFO?

IFO stands for “Initial Futures Opening”, it is a new concept created by CoinFLEX which offers futures on coins that do not exist yet. 

CoinFLEX had launched its first IFO project – Polkadot futures (DOTF) on July 17th, the first sale was open for 300 participants to acquire the opportunity to purchase discounted contracts price of DOT. 


The discounted IFO contracts at the pre-sale

If you were one of the lucky 300 participants to the pre-sale, you would be eligible to purchase the contracts at $75 per DOT, whereas the OTC price of Polkadot was trading at the range of $97 to $150. 

Additionally, in order to reach the projected $1.2 billion valuations established by Polkadot creator, prices would need to eventually exceed $100 per token. 


So how can one participate in the pre-sale?

In order to get the presale, you need to be prepared for a few steps:

  1. Register a CoinFLEX account
  2. At CoinFLEX platform, register your interest of IFO pre-sale participation

(Upload a photo of yours, click two boxes, and press “register interest”

  1. Have 500 USDT balance in your CoinFLEX account to cover the pre-sale priced IFO purchase
  2. lock up 1000 FLEX Coins for 7 days

(Not sure how to purchase FLEX? Read How to buy FLEX Coin for details)


Why IFO?

CoinFLEX IFO is aiming to solve the problems of today’s private sales mechanisms, which often underly 3 huge problems:

  • Trust – if you’re buying on OTC secondary markets, you don’t know if the seller will deliver when the blockchain launches
  • Access – often these markets are only accessible to people who want to do huge trades
  • Transparency – these sales are often secret, prices are not published and there’s no way to know whether you are being ripped off

CoinFLEX is creating a futures product that consumers can trust in the delivery of, can access in any size small or large and is transparently priced for all the world to see.


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