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Removal of ETH and BCH from FLEX issuance’s Qualifying Markets list

Dear FLEXers,

In order to concentrate and build out liquidity in BTC, we’re going to be removing ETH and BCH from the list of Qualifying Markets that count towards your FLEX issuance for the time being.

Main reasoning is that the BTC volumes have grown massively and we want to continue focussing on their growth and then start adding other markets once BTC/USDT is consistently a few dollars wide.

With the FLEX being rewarded to takers, we’re quickly becoming one of the cheapest places to take liquidity and the result also benefits market makers who are getting more volume. We want to continue this, but not have trader’s efforts/focus diverted too much between markets.

This will be changed today at 12:00 UTC time after today’s FLEX issuance. No change to the white paper, as it mentions that we can add/remove qualifying markets, specifically for this reason.

Thanks so much for your support – we’re really excited about how FLEX has gone so far, looking forward to the next 10X’ing in futures volumes!

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