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Senior DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer

Senior DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer


This is a remote role, working mostly with the London team. We accept applications from a range of timezones from UTC-5 to UTC+2.


Job Description

You will be a crucial member of a team of 4 people distributed across Europe and Asia and must have an immense passion for technology and automation. A resilient approach to complex problems, an innovative growth mindset and a profound hunger to learn is essential. You will be working alongside seasoned professionals in a high-intensity team environment. Your day to day will be diverse and consists of:

  • Design and development of a wide range of key systems
  • Ongoing maintenance and upgrades on key components of the platform
  • Monitoring and maintenance of a 100% cloud environment (AWS, Azure)
  • Tooling configuration (e.g. Atlassian Suite, G-Suite, Cloudflare)
  • Design and creation of secure, reliable, repeatable production rollouts
  • Cryptocurrency network node set up, security, monitoring and availability management 
  • Database set up and management (incl. Postgres, Mongo)
  • Ongoing automation of business processes and permissions governance 
  • On-call rota – 24/7 rotation with DevSecOps team
  • Incident management
  • Working with multiple business units to gather requirements and collaboratively build solutions
  • Communication of ideas and decisions throughout the team to ensure equal knowledge distribution 


What we’ll expect of you

  • High availability
  • Happy to put in extra hours where needed 
  • Ensuring tasks are fully completed with high quality, thoroughness and relevant considerations
  • Proactive approach to identify and address issues, and create ingenious solutions
  • Continuous systems improvement, utilisation of most relevant technologies available
  • Ongoing knowledge sharing with the team and maintaining comprehensive and clear documentatio


Knowledge and skills required

  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills used with a remote global team
  • Drive to learn new technologies fast and work with the team and independently
  • Experience in team management and coordination to maximise efficiency
  • Knowledge of continuous integration and delivery
  • Very high security awareness and implementation skills 
  • Great Linux/Unix Administration skills
  • Good amount of experience with software such as Git, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Good knowledge of AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba or one of the other IaaS providers and using Terraform, Ansible or other orchestration tools.
  • Good experience working with cryptographic technologies, such as Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and Key Management Systems (KMS)
  • Experience working with Shamir’s Secret Sharing algorithm and offline key management
  • Proficiency in English 


Nice to haves

  • Intrinsic interest and experience otherwise with working with development and scripting languages as Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, Bash, Ruby
  • Familiarity with WAF / Firewall rules 
  • Ability to communicate in Chinese (Cantonese)  


What you’ll get in return

Fair compensation and high value perks when the company does well.


Good knowledge of or experience with

Cryptocurrency and financial services experience.


CoinFLEX people  

From tough but determined and successful beginnings we are forging strong company values for the business, we are building a team of smart, positive, collaborative, productive, ambitious, entrepreneurial, energetic and success oriented people.

This is an opportunity to make a profound difference to an emerging market sector, for example, if you work in the relatively mature equities or fiat FX markets, any work you do will very likely make an intangible difference to the markets or market infrastructure when compared with the gains which are to be made in the relatively infant cryptocurrency market infrastructure

We are doing what we consider to be ground breaking and important work, however we want to have fun along the way so we have an informal yet professional atmosphere where people are encouraged to speak up. We have weekly company wide stand up meetings to aid communication and the overall cohesive growth of the already globally distributed business across Europe and Asia.

We also offer flexible working hours and working from home as necessary.

Join a world class team

Are you interested in being part of a team which is building out a significant part of an emerging cryptocurrency derivatives market infrastructure? This is an opportunity to join a Global team which is responsible for the ongoing build of the world’s first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange, CoinFLEX!

Some highlights of CoinFLEX:

  • CoinFLEX provides physically delivered cryptocurrency futures; Customers receive or deliver the digital asset so they are not exposed to cash price settlement and manipulation risk.
  • We are backed by a consortium of professional trading partners, Trading Technologies, Crypto Veterans, Market Makers and VCs. You may have heard of Roger Ver, Mike Komaransky, Polychain Capital amongst others.
  • Super high-performance API with up to 200 API orders/sec per userCoinFLEX offers a fully featured REST API and streaming Websocket API
  • We are already live and have trading volumes of $100 million to $450 million in cryptocurrency futures daily and growing.
  • We have secured $10 million in a round of funding as of July 2019 and are now looking to build out a world beating team.

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