Affiliate Prize Bonus

Affiliates receive a bonus commission when someone they refer wins a CoinFLEX trading competition.

Bracket Order Battle

Let the games begin.

We think the best way for users to learn about the benefits of our bracket order system is in the form of a fun competition, and who doesn’t like prizes? Since many people are unfamiliar with this order type, we’re making it central to our competition so more traders can understand its benefits and become accustomed to using it.

What can I win?

Our first competition will have a total prize pool of 100,000 USDT!
We expect similar sizes going forward, as we’ll be conducting similar competitions regularly.

What if I can’t make the Top 20 high volume traders?

If you trade 300 times your account balance (with leverage that’s just 15 to 30 trades in a day) you will still win $100 USDT!

How can I enter this competition?

All you need to enter is a starting initial collateral amount of $888 or $8,888 (for the two different competition levels) in the XBT.Dec and USDT.Dec futures assets when the competition begins. You’ll need to have either of these exact amounts in order to participate in the competition.

How is this competition scored? How do you win?

The measurement metric for this competition is the “FLEX Multiple” (FM), which is:

Competitors will be ranked by their FM over a given period of time. So, the more you trade as a multiple of your initial amount, the better.
Note: This is not determined by pure volumes, but the volume multiple of your account! All users have a chance to win.

If this is based on volume, won’t bots and algos just win automatically?

No, because bracket orders must be manually placed via the trading interface in order to qualify for this competition. Under our fair play rules, if any participant is seen to have automated the process of bracket orders, we will disqualify them. This decision will be made at our sole discretion.