Welcome to BracketWars!

BracketWars is a special type of trading competition that:

  • Uses CoinFLEX’s unique order type (Bracket Order)
  • Is not solely profit focused (Competition Types)
  • Anyone can win
  • Is low risk, due to use of Bracket Orders
  • Awards many participants, not just the top ones

Battles will be fought via our CoinFLEX Execute Arena (Powered by Trading Technologies).

Enter a competition below or organise and run your own competitions (Complete Guide)

  • CoinFLEX will be hosting regular competitions, which will take place daily with up to 5,000 USDT in prizes
  • Organisers can craft their own games, setting start time, duration, scoring method, prize distribution, and more

See our competition rules for more information.   Light-saber’s at the ready, may the FLEX be with you!