AMM+ Arena
AMM+ Arena

AMM+ Arena Walk-Through

Step 1. Enter the AMM+ Arena Page and Create Your Legend

To get started, click the AMM+ tab in the AMM+ dropdown menu on the dashboard of the main home page.  At the start of each competition week, a pop up will appear allowing you to choose your Arena legend.   

Step 2. Enter Your Name

Enter a name that will be used to represent yourself on the leaderboard for the week’s competition round.  

Step 3. Click Enter the Arena


Step 4. Set Up Your AMM+ Position

To enter the AMM+ page you can either click the “start your AMM” button below the Current Rankings section or you can enter the AMM+ page by clicking AMM+ in the “AMM+” drop down menu in the dashboard. To find out more information on how to set up your AMM+, check out our tutorial page. Remember, you need a minimum of $1,000 worth of crypto assets in your AMM+ position to be eligible for the Arena. You can find out where you rank compared to other Arena participants using the AMM+ Arena leaderboard, which allows you to see the APRs of other participants.  

How Does the AMMPlus Arena Work?

There are three aspects to the AMM+ Arena: First is the competition leaderboard. Users will be competing for the highest 7-day average APR. The top ten earners that week will receive rewards based on the total trading volume of the previous week. The size of the rewards will be based on three tiers.  To reach the first tier, which offers a $3,000 prize pool, the total trading volume of all active AMMs in the Arena that week needs to hit the corresponding target trading volume for the first tier. The second tier rewards increase to a $5,000 prize pool and the third tier rewards increase to a $10,000 prize pool.   

Weekly Missions

The second feature of the AMM+ Arena are the weekly missions, which are personal objectives tied to your trading volume targets. Once you set up an eligible AMM+ position, you are automatically enrolled in the weekly mission. The Weekly Missions similarly have three tiers. You can claim your rewards, review your reward history, and automatically upgrade to the next tier when you hit your trading volume target. The Arena Weekly Missions page lists all the eligible AMMPlus position pairs with their respective progress bars. The progress bar is divided into three phases according to trading volumes.  

Win NFTs!

The third aspect of the AMM+ Arena are the NFTs! The first 100 users to enroll in the AMM+ Arena can claim an exclusive Arena NFT. The weekly Arena champion also has the opportunity to claim their limited edition Arena Legend NFT.  Each Arena Legend NFT has five unique editions, meaning they can be claimed five times in total. Users eligible to claim their NFTs will be required to provide CoinFLEX with their email and Ethereum addresses to receive their NFT reward. CoinFLEX will then transfer the NFT to the provided address, which will be viewable on OpenSea  

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