Permissionless Listing and Perps: What You Need to Know

Permissionless Listing and Perps: What You Need to Know

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There are two key parts of the CoinFLEX Permissionless ecosystem: Permissionless Listing and Permissionless Perps. 

Permissionless Listing means that any token project can list a token on CoinFLEX without going through a gated and lengthy approval process.

Permissionless Perps are the tradable perpetual futures markets created for your token listing. 


Permissionless Listing: What does it mean?

Similar to how anyone can create a token liquidity pair on a decentralized exchange (DEX) by seeding liquidity into a pool, anyone can create a token perp listing on CoinFLEX without the friction or gatekeeping typical of a centralized exchange (CEX).

Through Permissionless Listing, projects can list tokens easily on CoinFLEX with zero fees and will know what to expect at each step of the process; this will give token projects more transparency – a commitment to which we hold ourselves and the broader crypto industry accountable. 

Learn more about the 3 Advantages of Permissionless Listing

  1. Save time and capital with a transparent and zero-fee listing process 
  2. Take ownership of the listing process
  3. Build demand for your token


Permissionless Perps: What does it mean?

CoinFLEX is the first crypto futures exchange to offer permissionless listing of perpetual futures tokens. Once your token is listed on the CoinFLEX Permissionless Zone, you can trade the corresponding Permissionless Perp.

A perp listing for your token is valuable for market participants as it offers traders greater price discovery, deeper liquidity, and increased capital efficiency:

  • Perps present interesting trading opportunities because of funding and discrepancies between the perp vs. spot markets.
  • With a perp market, your token becomes a more mature asset with greater price discovery and liquidity.
  • On CoinFLEX, market participants can gain access to up to 3x leverage, increasing their buying power and allowing them to trade with greater capital efficiency. Leverage and capital efficiency promote liquidity in your token, making it easier for participants to transact with minimal slippage.


Want to learn more about perpetual futures contracts? Read What is a Futures Contract for an in-depth overview. 

We look forward to engaging with you in our Permissionless Listing community!

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