What is a Futures Contract?

What is a Futures Contract?

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A futures contract is a derivative contract that allows a trader to buy or sell an underlying asset at a fixed price at a predetermined date in the future. 

CoinFLEX offers deliverable perpetual futures contracts which enable users to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage and take delivery (crypto into their wallet or CoinFLEX account) of leveraged positions at any time.


Perpetual futures 

Unlike quarterly futures, perpetual futures contracts do not have an expiry date. 

With perpetual futures (commonly referred to as perps), users can trade on margin and take advantage of price movements in the underlying asset. On CoinFLEX, perps have a funding period every hour, which keeps futures prices close to the spot price.

With Permissionless Perps, token projects can benefit from having a tradable perpetual futures contract in a few ways:

  • You may have active traders in your community who want access to leverage while trading directionally. A Permissionless Perp allows them to go long on your token with improved capital efficiency.
  • Your internal trading team may be looking to hedge existing token holdings in your corporate treasury. 


Want to learn more about Permissionless Perps? Read Permissionless Listing Series: What is a Permissionless Perp? for an in-depth overview. 

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