Programa de Tarifas

CoinFLEX has a flat, transparent trading fee structure.

Visión general

Please refer to the fee schedule below.

  • Fees are dependent on the market you are trading in (Spot, Futures, Spread or Repo);
  • Fees are deducted post trade;
  • You may enjoy a discount fee rate with FLEX. The flexFLEX holdings and the discount fees can only be paid in FLEX;
  • Fees are paid in FLEX by default.
  • Rebates are paid in FLEX.


How do you earn fees with AMM+?

  • AMM+ receives Maker Rebates of 3 basis points every time you’re traded with.

  • AMM+ bots are scalping USD profits between a set of trading orders.

Tarifas de depósitos/retiros

CoinFLEX no cobra tarifas por depósitos.

Withdrawals of BCH, FLEX, flexUSD and DOT are free for users – CoinFLEX covers all fees involved.

A withdraw fee equal to the current network fee is charged on BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and other supported ERC20 tokens. Please see the withdrawal page for details on the current network fee for your withdrawal.