Fee Schedule

CoinFLEX operates a flat, transparent trading fee structure:

Maker: 0.03%

Taker: 0.03%

All clients will be charged this amount, regardless of the amount they trade per month.


CoinFLEX also offers a Designated Market Maker (DMM) programme for each futures contract in order to secure committed market makers looking to provide continuous, two sided liquidity. To be eligible, applicants must must demonstrate that they are capable of meeting minimum thresholds of technological proficiency and market expertise. Exceptions to the Time In Market requirements can be granted at CoinFLEX’s discretion and we aim to be reasonable, generous and firm.If you think you are up to the task of quoting the spreads below consistently and reaping the fee reduction benefits, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. We have automated tools to monitor your liquidity so that anyone (regardless of the size of your trading operation) can apply.

XBT/USDT Futures

Spread Requirement
Time in MArket





DMM can pick Bi-Monthly only, Monthly only, or both. The new fee schedule will apply to whichever contract the DMM commits to.

Spread Requirement
Time in MArket


$1,000 USDC



$5,000 USDC


DMM Fee Schedule

If you are accepted for this programme and fulfil the requirements outlined above, the new fee structure you receive as a DMM are:

Maker: 0%

Taker: 0.02%

Spread and Size

DMM participants will be required to place and maintain bids and offers valued at least the required size, placed at or tighter than the required spread.

Time in Market

Participants will need to maintain these bids and offers for at least the required percentage of Time in Market. Time in Market is measured as a percentage of each calendar day, on a 24-hour basis.

Fairness and Level Playing Field

Please note that several market making firms have equity in CoinFLEX as part of a deal announced here. No equity owners of CoinFLEX will have any special privileges better than the fees granted from this market making programme. This is to ensure a fair and equal playing field where all professional participants can compete on merits, skills, technology and trading prowess.

Deposits / Withdrawals Fees

CoinFLEX does not charge fees on deposits.
When withdrawing, CoinFLEX charges a 0.03% processing fee with a minimum of 0.0005 XBT / 5 USDT / 5 USDC.