flexcoin 2 FLEX Coin


FLEX Coin powers the CoinFLEX exchange and is the cornerstone of the CoinFLEX ecosystem. We have designed incentives throughout our entire ecosystem that will lead to a consistent increase in demand for FLEX as CoinFLEX and our lending market grows.

Firms who borrow via Note Tokens are required to trade at least the total amount they have borrowed per day in volume on the CoinFLEX exchange. For example, a firm that borrows $50M via note tokens, must trade $50M per day on CoinFLEX.

We expect the demand for FLEX Coin to go up significantly as the market cap of NoteUSD and Note Tokens increase. As this happens demand for FLEX will rise as more trading firms begin actively trading on the CoinFLEX exchange.
As FLEX Coin can be used to significantly reduce trading fees, these firms are incentivised to buy FLEX consistently to lower their costs. Therefore, as firms borrow more and our lending market grows, the demand for FLEX Coin will grow.
Additionally, at CoinFLEX are committed to burning FLEX using 20% of our profits every day to reduce the total supply, and further increase the value, of FLEX .

Group 68 1 FLEX Coin

Lower Trading Fees and Fees Rebate

Hold FLEX to enjoy a discounted fee schedule and rebate on Maker Trades

Group 65 FLEX Coin

Higher affiliate payouts

Earn commissions up to 40% for Futures and
Spot trading.

1. Earn passive income FLEX Coin

CoinFLEX Options

Trade Options with FLEX. Profit up to 300%
The only place you can share profit with the House.

Group 64 FLEX Coin

Post Margin in FLEX

FLEX Coin can now be used as collateral to trade futures.

Group 66 FLEX Coin

FLEX for Coin Vote

Vote for the project you want to list on CoinFLEX and receive participation rewards.

Group 63 FLEX Coin

Competitions Galore

Holding 4,000 FLEX in balance entitles you to free entry of CoinFLEX trading competitions.