A Christmas message from CoinFLEX CEO

Hey guys!

Great news, the new CoinFLEX Markets UI is out! We have a team working around the clock on improvements and new iterations as well. Our CXO will be updating us all with some sneak peaks of some of them, but right now if you login and click “CoinFLEX Markets” you’ll see it! Please contact myself join our telegram group (https://t.me/coinflex_EN) if you see any bugs or feature requests!

Also these Bracket Competitions have been an amazing hit so far! Our tech partner TT (Trading Technologies) had far more orders than expected. They have scaled up to more powerful servers, but last night have potentially identified a scaling solution that will add several orders of magnitude of scale for these competitions. We want to have this implemented it before we go live with the next round of competitions, so are holding off on the remaining ones this week.

We are getting loads of feedback and ideas about these competitions, ideas include:

– Mobile Only competitions that are 10 minutes long
– Team competitions with huge prizes
– 1 hour rather than 2 (people’s hands hurt, also gives people more of a shot to win)
Including dynamics around PnL into the competition in addition to volume
– 50X Leverage
– Virtual Reality trading interface

We have hired many many developers and are hiring more. Our aim is to be able to turnaround big features and changes extremely quickly, and the system is FLEXible enough for us to do that.

We cannot wait to have the competitions begin again early next week and are looking forward to building and improving the product for you all.

Mark Lamb


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