Competition Rules

Welcome to BracketWars, fellow FLEXers!

Top prizes are here waiting for you! We welcome all users to register a competition handle (nickname) and show their trading skills to become a famous and feared trading hero!


CoinFLEX hosted competitions

  • 2 battles per day, with a prize pool up to 4,000 USDT in total
  • Affiliates will get a lot more benefits with FLEX Staking (see Staking below)
  • Free entry (only need to meet minimum deposit requirement)

Users created competitions

  • Organizers will get 40% of participants’ trading fees
  • The more the participants, the larger the prize pool
  • Organizers do not have to contribute in order to participate

Competition Details


CoinFLEX hosted competitions: UTC 4 AM & 4 PM daily Users created competitions: Feel free to create or join one at anytime!


Entering a CoinFLEX organized competition costs nothing. The “Deposit” amount refers to the minimum balance required to enter the competition


  1. Battles will be fought using XBT Contracts from bracket orders entered via our CoinFLEX Execute Arena. You may click ici to go through the trading guide
  2. Any leverage taken out against the relevant battle assets will be discounted from the Deposit calculation

Users created competitions
Organizers can craft their own battles with tailor made parameters, including:

  1. Start time
  2. Duration
  3. Scoring method
  4. Prize distribution


Competitions will have leaderboard rankings based on

  1. Pure Volume Multiple (Trading Volume / Initial Deposit)
  2. Profit Blend
  3. Profit² Blend

Extra Benefits & Bonus

FLEX Staking

It gives users the ability to lock up FLEX Coin for 30 days in return for reduced trading fees, higher commission and larger prize bonus. Visit ici for details.

FLEX Coin Redemption

Users may redeem 100 FLEX Coin and get 50% rebate of the trading fees during the current 24 hours. Rebate will be paid out at 12:00 PM UTC.

FLEX Coin Mining

Whenever you are doing a Taker trade, you are actually mining FLEX Coin. Please visit ici for more details.

That’s everything you need to know. Now, trigger fingers at the ready, prepare to enter the Battle!