6.1.2 FLEX Coin uses

  • Currently our exchange fees are paid in FLEX, so to trade the user must have FLEX balance, FLEX can be bought on our FLEX/USD spot market as well as a few external exchanges.
  • Fees are progressively reduced the more FLEX a user holds. The fee schedule is shown here:https://coinflex.com/fees/.
  • FLEX can also be bought and staked, currently for every 1000 FLEX staked per month, 40 FLEX is issued as a reward. This gives an annualised return of 48%. 
  • FLEX can also be staked into the insurance fund for a potential return or staked into the bankroller fund of the FLEX options platform for potential returns.
  • FLEX can be used as some or all trading collateral for trading in other markets.
  • FLEX is used as collateral for trading various trading pairs on the FLEX Options trading platform.