2.3.10 Account Management

From the feedback we have received, we see needs from different users for sub-account functionality. We see two main requirements:

  1. An institution needing to grant customized permissions to different employees/departments with the firm. e.g. a Fund with multiple portfolio managers. Each separate group should have their own accounts and permissioning (trading/viewing)

  2. A user running multiple strategies looking to ringfence risks or ‘isolate margin’ to that one strategy.

These require different functionality (one is about permissioning, the other is more about multiple independent instances with the same risk controls). Our solution is to separate Subaccounts from logins and manage them separately.

Account Management structure

  • There is one “Main Account”, which admin rights.

    • Multiple Sub-accounts can be created

    • Mutiple logins can be created

  • Each login can be assigned to multiple Sub-accounts.

    • Separate trading permissions can be assigned to each account

  • API keys are created separately, and API management.

Account Management 1 2.3.10 Account Management

Creating Sub-accounts

Account Management 2 2.3.10 Account Management

Creating login

Account Management 3 2.3.10 Account Management