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We’re creating a system that helps everybody win.

At CoinFLEX we can help you secure the capital you need to grow and expand your business via the most fair, transparent and market driven money market in the world.
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Why CoinFLEX

Why COinFLEX Institutions
CoinFLEX provides a transparent and market
driven lending solution that is available on tap
for institutions around the world.
Group 569 Institutions


We believe that when it comes to lending & borrowing money – transparency is the best policy. For our borrowers, this means a clear, simple and fair agreement regarding the terms and conditions of each individual loan.

Group 568 Institutions

Market Driven

CoinFLEX was founded to let the market set the interest rates. With Note Tokens we achieve this through our market place creating transparency and competition and ensuring all our institutional partners offer a fair and competitive rate

Group 578 Institutions

On Tap

Note Tokens provide institutions with a readily and consistently available source of capital. Note Tokens can be issued in any size and at any time, so long as there is demand for the interest and rewards on offer.

How does it work?

Group 570 Institutions

Note Tokens

Note Tokens are promissory loans that we issue to institutions. Each token can be sold for $1.00 USD, meaning the more tokens an institution sells the more capital they get access to. Buyers of Note Tokens are incentivised by a fixed interest rate, agreed in advanced between CoinFLEX and the institutions, & 30% of the firms daily trading fees.

Group 571 Institutions

Full Withdrawable

Once you have raised the capital by selling your Note Tokens, the capital is yours to use as you see fit. We want you to make the most of the capital and capitalise on any market opportunities out there, not just those on the CoinFLEX exchange.

Group 572 Institutions

Market Powered

Our ecosystem is powered by the open market, allowing anyone to participate and earn yield by buying Note Tokens and providing capital to institutions. Buyers of Note Tokens get the interest paid to them daily on chain and can redeem the tokens at the end of each month for $1.00 USD.

Our Terms

Group 573 Institutions

A predetermined & agreed upon fixed interest rate.

Group 574 Institutions

A requirement to trade the amount borrowed from the loan each day on the CoinFLEX exchange.

Group 575 Institutions

A requirement to hold 1-2% of the borrowed amount in FLEX Coin.

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