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Welcome to the CoinFLEX Investor Portal. Here you can find the latest information on CoinFLEX and participate in CoinFLEX governance proposals to help shape the future of our exchange
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CoinFLEX Vote Token Issuance and Next Steps

Sep 23, 2022

CoinFLEX Restructuring Proposal and Next Steps

Sep 21, 2022

sBCH Community Q&A

Aug 15, 2022

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A decentralized governance forum for CoinFLEX investors to actively participate in discussions and votes affecting the future of the exchange.



A platform for investors to vote on proposals shaping the future of CoinFLEX.

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You can now trade your locked assets into withdrawable assets at a market-based price. Remember that doing so will revoke your rights to the CoinFLEX Composite, which you can learn more about here. Alternatively, you can use unlocked funds to buy locked assets if you want to obtain rights to the CoinFLEX Composite when the underlying assets are issued.