2.2.1 Market selection

Having selected the desired account to trade with on the dashboard page, select the ‘Trade’ tab in the top left hand corner of the dashboard. A new window will open showing the trading UI. In the top left hand corner of the screen you will see a ‘contract code’ such as BTC-USD-SWAP-LIN with a small up and down facing white arrow next to it, telling you which contract/trading pair you are currently in. Select that field and the contract selection dropdown will appear.

Across the top of the contract selection dropdown the following columns are shown; All, Perpetual, Quarterly, Repo, Spread and Spot. Selecting any of these will reveal the available contracts for each market type, these can be selected in the dropdown. ‘All’ gives a consolidated view of all of the markets we offer.

S2 2.2.1 Market selectionS1 2.2.1 Market selectionS3 2.2.1 Market selection