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Home of the worlds’ first



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1. Full control of your funds 1 Harrison

Full control of
your funds

2. Earn interest passively 1 Harrison

Earn interest

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Market sets
the rates

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The worlds first interest-earning stablecoin

We created FlexUSD with one simple idea in mind – to let interest rates be set by the market and be easily available to all.


Fixed rate + Infinite Potential

noteUSD was created to help build the most transparent and fair lending market in the world.

By holding noteUSD you provide capital to trading firms who pay back a fixed interest rate + 30% of their daily trading fees.

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With flexUSD and noteUSD the

Control is in your hands

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The market controls the interest rates Harrison

And you can

take control now

1. Earn passive income 3 Harrison

Earn pasive income via the
worlds first interest-earning stablecoins.

2. 100x leverage 2 Harrison

Trade with upto 100x leverage enjoying some of the lowest funding rates in the world.

3. Swap stake farm 2 Harrison

Swap, Stake & Farm #Yield on interest-earning Stablecoins at notes.finance

We are creating the

Future of Stablecoins

 But don’t just take our

our word for it...

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The Crypto Dog
The Crypto Dog@TheCryptoDog
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I love and stand by @CoinFLEXdotcom . They're a great team backed by serious capital - DCG and Polychain.I work very closely with and hold high respect for them. Mark, Sudhu, Leslie, Ket, Kenny, and many others on the team are incredible, smart, and hard-working people.
Roger Ver
Roger Ver@rogerkver
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Bitcoin Cash is Home of the world's first Interest-earning stablecoins: http://coinflex.com
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One exchange token I've been positioning myself in is $FLEX.The coin has barely moved and they recently launched an ERC-20 version of their token which is now tradable on Uniswap.
Patrick Rooney
Patrick Rooney@patrickrooney
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Introducing flexUSD - the world's first natively interest bearing stablecoinDisrupting the borrow/lend space and making it more efficient via [email protected] #CoinFLEX
Lisa JY Tan
Lisa JY Tan@lisajytan
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Have you guys heard of #FlexUSD? It must be christmas because what my wish is a reality. @CoinFLEXdotcomPower of tokenisation: remove intermediaries, allowing anyone to enter with low risk, employing tech to improve efficiency
Coin Flex
Coin Flex@CoinFLEXdotcom
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When you realise flexUSD is paying 19.85% APY on average for the last week https://coinflex.com/flexassets/statistics
Bitcoin Unlimited
Bitcoin Unlimited@BitcoinUnlimit
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The next Unlimit podcast episode is now out! 🎙️Unlimit Podcast #17 - Mark Lamb - Interest-bearing stablecoins on CoinFlex#BitcoinCash #BCH #Unlimit
Coin FLEX@CoinFLEXdotcom
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It feels just...... nice.
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The King is Born $FLEX#NativeCoin @CoinFLEXdotcom
Roger Ver
Roger Ver@rogerkver
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#BitcoinCash based #FlexUSD pays more interest than all other stable coins combined! #USDT #USDC #DAI #Bitcoin https://coinflex.com/assets/CoinFLEX-flexUSD-Product.pdfbitcoun
Leslie Lamb
Leslie Lamb@leslamb0
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🔊 On this week's #CUP we are joined by @SudhuCoinFLEX CRO of @CoinFLEXdotcom to chat:💪 flexUSD: world's first interest-bearing stablecoin 💪 Earn yield while holding your keys 💪 Magic of repo enables flexUSD to earn perp funding passivelyTune in 🎙️https://link.chtbl.com/flexUSD
The Crypto Dog
The Crypto Dog@TheCryptoDog
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Derivatives exchange to watch - @CoinFLEXdotcom (been helping them build behind the scenes)They're about to bring a handful of new, innovative products to $crypto:-physically delivered perp swaps -repo market -spread trading -250x leverage (lol)
ItsFrank ⓣ
ItsFrank ⓣ@FrankLambeek
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This integration is amazing and really bullish for @CoinFLEXdotcom !$FLEX is something to look at! 👀🔥

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