4.3 FLEX Earn – Flexible savings

The process of lending BTC or USD into Flexible savings/FLEX Earn is very similar to the staking process. Select “Earn” after login, then in the window which pops up, select the ‘Lend’ tab, then in the right hand corner of the UI select ‘Lend’ next to the desired currency. A pop-up window will appear, input the amount to lend, check or un-check ‘auto-subsciption’ and then select ‘Lend’.

(1) The interest rate will likely change daily and yield will be awarded daily.
(2) If you uncheck the Auto subscription, the lend period will end and the balance including the profit will be transferred to the main account, if you lend through sub-account, it will be transferred to sub-account.
(3) The drop down menu showing ‘1-day historical avg APR’ is simply indicating historical performance levels, toggle between 1, 7 and 30 days to show the performance over the different time periods, selecting one or other makes no difference to the lending period, this is a daily lending app.
(4) To cancel the Lend, select the ‘History’ tab and uncheck ‘Auto subscription’, the next day the funds will appear back in the balance of the account that they were lent from.
(5) It is advised not to switch between accounts in the main dashboard when using the Earn platform. If the user switches between accounts, the system will log out entirely. (6) Note in the ‘LEND’ tab it is possible to view previous 1day and annualised yields as shown in the screenshot below. The left hand dropdown shows daily yield history, the right hand drop down shows annualised. It is possible to toggle between different time periods to get a better idea of averages and current yield vs yield in the recent past.