Trading DFNF after Pre-Sale

To buy

  1. Go to, log in to CoinFLEX account
  2. At Dashboard, go to “Conversion”
  3. Select “(from) USDT –> USDTDFN (to)”
  4. At Dashboard, go to “Balances”
  5. Go to “Order Management”
  6. Set the quantity of DFN.Fut, buy “Price” and the amount of USDT.d for buying
  7. Press “Buy DFN.FUT”

    You are done! Have fun trading!


To sell

  1. Go to
  2. At Dashboard, go to “Balances”
  3. Go to “Order Management”
  4. Set the quantity of DFN.Fut and the sell “Price”
  5. Press “Sell” button
    You are done! Have fun trading!

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