1.4.1 What is two-factor authentication (2FA)

이중인증 장치 (2FA)는 계정 로그인 과정에서 2가지 이상의 보안 계층을 추가함으로써 본인 인증 절차를 강화하는 방식을 의미합니다. 코인플렉스에서는 2FA의 보안 원칙에 따라, 사용자가 "알고 있는 것 (접근 비밀번호)"과 "소유하고 있는 것 (접근 토큰)"을 통해 계정을 보호합니다. 사용자는 접근 비밀번호에 추가적으로, 소유하고 있는 모바일, 태블릿 PC 또는 YubiKey를 통해 고유 OTP 토큰을 입력해야 정상적으로 로그인 할 수 있습니다.

코인플렉스에서는 현재 세 종류의 2FA 설정 옵션을 제공하고 있습니다:

Google Authenticator / Authy App: These options utilise your phone number to verify your account with a One-Time Password (OTP). OTP is valid only for a single use and cannot be used again for authentication.
Further details on Authy: when applying for your account, choose the ‘Authy’ option and enter your phone number without the country code (e.g. 07712343456). You will receive an SMS asking you to download the Authy app and register your account with them. Once this is done, every time you log in to your account you will need to provide the OTP security token displayed in the app. For more information, visit the Authy FAQ: https://www.authy.com/faq.

YubiKey: This is a one-time password (OTP) generator device in the form of a small USB stick.
When applying for your account choose the “YubiKey” option and enter your YubiKey token. You will need to provide the security token generated by your YubiKey every time you sign in to your CoinFLEX account. You can purchase a compatible YubiKey on Amazon. FIDO U2F Security Key is not a compatible key. For more information, visit the YubiKey FAQ: http://www.yubico.com/support/faq/

If you have any questions about the setup of 2FA , please view our two-factor authentication FAQ section of our Security page.