CoinFLEX Update: New Coins, New Markets, Our DeFi Vision

TLDR: Today we are launching several new markets, including markets for LINK and the first derivatives markets for YFI, CRV and BAND. Our first foray into listing DeFi-related markets, we aim to be a go-to exchange venue for trading, hedging, and accessing yield opportunities across DeFi assets, in the familiar UI/UX of a centralized exchange, in addition to a central liquidity destination for crypto asset derivatives trading. 

If DEXs are pronounced “dexes” … then CEXs must be pronounced “sexes” … no?

Although we are CEX-y by nature, we look at the growth and success of DeFi as all but an inevitability. Yes, the memes, the farming, the larping, the rug pulls, the contingent of yield-crazed profit seekers flailing from protocol to protocol in their mother’s basement… yes, we have a ways to go. But the point is… DeFi is here to stay, and it has some serious legs.

Certainly, issues remain for the DeFi technology and infrastructure to tackle. There are certain barriers to entry one must take into account in the DeFi realm, like fees, slippage, capital efficiency, difficulty of obtaining leverage, borrowing/lending, the ability to short, network issues, et cetera.

Speculators, arbitrageurs, yield-seekers, and active traders may find these issues arising more frequently than they’d care for in their various DeFi escapades.

Additionally, the ephemeral and often convoluted nature of these trading and yield farming opportunities presents operational hazards and complexities that are currently inherent to this nascent technology and market.

In an era of newfound enthusiasm for the intersection of finance and agriculture, we’ve bet the farm on the intersection of crypto markets, derivatives trading and the borrow/lend space, and the opportunity to fit snugly between the centralized and decentralized financial worlds in these ways has never been greater.

Yes, we’re CEX-y and we know it (okay, I’ll stop now). But that doesn’t mean we can’t play in this money game. We see opportunities to add value to both sides of the coin and provide a trading venue and services that cater to both DeFi and CeFi alike.

So, not ones to sit on the sidelines, today we are launching the CoinFLEX markets suite (spot, perpetual future and repo) for LINKYFI  CRV and BAND as we continue to offer markets and products across the entire crypto ecosystem.

This is the first step in our efforts to list upwards of 100 coins over the next few months and build out our core offering (physically-delivered derivatives and repo/interest rate markets) to extend into the most interesting and innovative reaches of the cryptoverse.

These new listings present opportunities to traders, investors, hodlers, farmers, and more.

Want to own these coins? Buy them on CoinFLEX spot markets!

Want to put on a position in these coins with leverage, long or short? Check out CoinFLEX derivatives markets!

Investor, trader, or yield farmer and want to put on a hedge? Hedge your exposure efficiently with leverage in CoinFLEX derivatives!

Long term hodler? Is this thing headed to the moon? Is your name Chad? Well, you better be earning yield on your holdings… Use our FLEX Earn (link?) product or trade directly in our Repo markets (link?) to earn yield on your inventory (available for limited coins, with every coin we list becoming available soon)!

The Future is Now

We’ve come a long way, but there are certain efficacies to a CEX that DEXs have not quite solved for yet.

The CEX and the DEX each provide their own specific advantages and opportunities for different times and places in the market. A sharp trader can use the tradeoffs of CeFi and DeFi to their advantage. When combined, one can play in both worlds and capture new opportunities and strategies that would otherwise be siloed off. CoinFLEX is here for exactly those traders.

And when looking for an alternative to high transaction fees, slippage, cumbersome interaction with foreign UI/UX, and other potential roadblocks to your trading success, we’re here to help.

So TODAY, CoinFLEX launches new markets in LINKYFI  CRV and BAND , as we continue our push into providing products and markets to the full spectrum of the crypto ecosystem.

Crypto is the future. DeFi is the future. FLEX is the future. And the future is NOW.

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