FLEX Coin is the coin that powers the CoinFLEX exchange and the cornerstone of the CoinFLEX ecosystem. We have designed incentives leading to a strong demand for FLEX, as well as burning FLEX with some of our profits to reduce supply.

Discounted Fees

CoinFLEX has some of the lowest derivatives and spot fees in the entire industry. Our fee tiers are based on how much FLEX a user is holding and staking. A negative sign in from of a fee means that a user will be paid a rebate for being a “Maker”. All discounted fees will require payment in FLEX. Rebates will also be made in FLEX. Payments conducted in FLEX only are highlighted in purple below.

Any user can also buy and sell amounts (including fractional amounts) of FLEX Coins on the exchange’s FLEX/USDT orderbook.


Benefits of holding FLEX Coin

CoinFLEX plans to add different privileges and special features over time to users who hold FLEX Coins.

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Lower Trading Fees and Fees Rebate

Upgrading your FLEXVIP tier by holding FLEX to enjoy a discounted fee schedule which even offers you a rebate in Maker trades.

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Post Margin in FLEX

FLEX Coin can now be used as collateral to trade futures.

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Hogere Partner Uitbetalingen

Earn commissions up to 40% for Futures and Spot trading, click here.

leverage 1 FLEX

Competitions Galore

Holding 4,000 FLEX in balance entitles you to free entry of CoinFLEX trading competitions. See Competities page.


CoinFLEX Options

Trade Options with FLEX. Profit up to 300%
The only place you can share profit with the House
Multiple trading strategies. Trade now

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FLEX for Coin Vote

Vote for the project you want to list on CoinFLEX. Votes allocation is based on your FLEX holdings. Vote now

FLEX for Fees Schedule