2.1.2 The lower section of the trading UI

Positions shows you your current open trades or positions and their profit or loss levels if you were to close them, they also show an estimated price at which you would be liquidated based on your current collateral amount. The screenshot shows a 100 BCH long position in the Perpetual swap market with PnL of negative $863 (inclusive of trading fees). The estimated liquidation price is also shown as $307.44.

Active Orders shows you as yet un-executed ‘maker’ orders which you currently have in the market. Below shows an open 1 BTC sell order in the BTC perpetuals market.

Filled Records shows you your trade history. Below you can see user trade history from the BTC spread markets. Please note, trade 1 is the most recent: Trade 4 buys 10 BTC spread contracts at USD 229, then trade 3 sells them back at USD 223, a loss of USD 6 per contract. Then, trade 2 buys 10 BTC spread contracts again at USD 224 and trade 1 sells them at USD 233, so USD 9 profit per contract. The right hand column shows FLEX fees paid per trade (vip level 1 in this case).

Market/Contract details

This section gives some information about the market you have selected, in this case it is the Bitcoin Cash-USD Perpetual Swap market. The 24 hour traded volume has been 985.31… BCH or a little over $313k. 

Contract Value states that if you buy or sell one contract in this market, it is worth 1 Bitcoin Cash (BCH). 

Tick Size states the minimum increment of market movement is, in this case it’s in increments of USD $0.5.

Quantity Increment shows the minimum increment in terms of the size of the trade, in this case 1% of one BCH.

Open Interest is the number of contracts outstanding in the specific market that have not been settled (i.e. open positions in the contract). In this case, there are 320.01 BCH/USD Perpetual Futures outstanding.