Trading Bitcoin Futures on CoinFLEX​

Let’s say you wish to go long on a January Bitcoin contract; in this case, and if you need leverage to take the position, you will need to request margin in Tether to buy XBT. You start with the Bitcoin collateral posted in your account and request USDT leverage if you wish to enhance the contract. You will have a leveraged contract named XBTJAN20, which you can buy or sell.

Please note that sell positions are leveraged with XBT. As of 2020, calendar spread trading is a feature that CoinFLEX is launching. Contracts are settled on the last Friday of each month, but you do not have to hold them until expiration. Rolling a contract into the next month is not automatic, you have to close the existing position prior to the expiration date and copy it to the next month. Apart from that, CoinFLEX will also provide perpetual markets and different types of futures contracts such as weekly and quarterly futures.

As with all other operations that involve the trading of futures contracts, margin calls can be expected if the contract falls out of leverage compliance. This process is known as auto-liquidation, and it is executed by means of algorithms. Unlike other futures trading platforms, CoinFLEX will not liquidate the entire position, only enough to bring the account back to margin compliance ratios.

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