CoinFLEX 2.0 FLEX250
CoinFLEX 2.0
250X Spread FLEX250
250X Spread Tranding
250X Spread Tranding FLEX250
Deliverable Perpetuals
Repo Market FLEX250
Repo Market
FLEXible Margin FLEX250
FLEXible Margin
Redesigned platform FLEX250
Redesigned platform
Sub Account e1596732229405 FLEX250
Sub Account
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New Trading Competitions

CoinFLEX 2.0

Supercharged Crypto Trading, New Markets, Unlimited Possibilities


250X Spread Trading

Futures spreads are extremely popular in traditional futures markets and CoinFLEX is the first crypto Futures Exchange to bring these to crypto as its own order type within its own order books.

Deliverable Perpetuals

CoinFLEX offers deliverable perpetuals which a user has the option of locking a perpetual position for delivery and receipt (for longs) or sending (for shorts) the Bitcoin or crypto relating to their position. This effectively allows a user to obtain all the benefits of perpetuals while also obtaining the benefits of spot. 

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Repo Markets

Repo is the future of crypto-collateralised borrowing and lending. It refers to a Today/Tomorrow trade where a user sells an asset to another today and agrees to buy it back tomorrow at a slightly higher price. That price difference becomes an interest rate which can now be traded on CoinFLEX Repo Markets and captured as a daily savings rate via our Earn product.

FLEXible Collateral Management

Most crypto derivatives exchanges offer only a single margining currency per trading market, where “Inverse contracts” in BTC would have BTC as the collateral, and “USDT contracts” would use USDT as the collateral. Here at CoinFLEX, we provide the flexibility to post different currencies as collateral.

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Redesigned Platform

A better UI with a more intuitive dashboard and trading interface. Trade crypto at your fingertips.


CoinFLEX’s sub-account function offers users a better control over their accounts. It meets two major requirements:

1. Institutions granting customized permissions to different employees/departments with the firm

2. Users running multiple strategies looking to ringfence risks or ‘isolate margin’ to that one strategy

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New Trading Competitions

Regular competitions with prize pool up to 2000 USDT. We welcome all users to register a competition nickname and show their trading skills to become a famous and feared trading hero!