The worlds first

interest-earning stablecoins

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The worlds first interest-earning stablecoin

We created flexUSD with one simple idea in mind – to let interest rates be set by the market and be easily available to all.

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flexUSD does just that & earns interest naturally with full transparency. Unlike other interest earning products in the market, with flexUSD you know exactly where your money is going and where your interest is coming from.

flexUSD capitalises on the CoinFLEX ‘Repo Market’, where traders pay a premium to borrow capital (fully collateralised) for a 8 hour period.

When you buy flexUSD your USD is automatically added into the ‘Repo Market’ and in turn you start earning the premium that the traders are paying every 8 hours – straight into your wallet & on the blockchain.

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flexUSD is designed for traders and savers... and everybody else


Fixed rate + Infinite Potential

noteUSD evolved from everything we learnt and loved about flexUSD, resulting in the world’s most powerful interest-earning stablecoin.

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noteUSD is a basket made up of 20% flexUSD & 80% Note Tokens, which when combined create 3 interest earning avenues for noteUSD holders.

noteUSD earns interest in three ways.

  1. A fixed interest rate ranging from 8-10% per year
  2. 30% of Note Token firm’s trading fees.
  3. Through flexUSD’s interest from the ‘Repo Market’
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The combination of flexUSD and Note Tokens turns noteUSD into a powerful & diversified interest-earning stablecoin that can earn upto 30% interest per year just by holding it in your wallet.