4.6 Viewing staking and Earn history

To view lending and staking in progress, details will display in the ‘Executing’ table within the ‘History’ tab. For expired or previous day’s lending and previous staking periods, details will appear in the ‘History’ table within the ‘History’ tab.

This screenshot shows previous days lending details in the ‘History’ table. ‘FLEXible savings’ will generate a new line of information every day showing a summary of the previous day’s lending yield, the top line being the most recent day. In the example the table shows a circa 75 cent yield for the day on a $2512 deposit, annualised at 10.92% interest.
The screenshot also shows current ‘FLEX Staking’ and ‘USD FLEXible savings’ (FLEX Earn) in the ‘Executing’ table below.