1.4.6 How to reset 2FA when l lost the phone

We can reset your 2FA registration so you will be enabled to set it up again.

If you would like us to do that, due to the importance of this change to your account, we’re going to have to ask you to respond to a couple of security questions.

1) What is your currently registered 2FA method?  If Authy, what phone number did you use?

2) If setting up Authy, what is your new phone number?

3) What is the reason for making this change?

4) When did you register at CoinFLEX?

5) What is your available CoinFLEX balance?

6) When was the last time you have logged in to your CoinFLEX account?

7) Please take a note with “CoinFLEX reset 2FA”, today’s date and your signature. Then take a selfie with the note and the ID document you used for Stablecoin access. In the selfie please show your elbows and shoulders connected to your body.

Please reply through the account registered email address if possible. Thank you for your understanding. Please keep in mind that this is for your own security and safety of your funds that we do additional verification before making significant changes to your account.

Finally, please send the above information to us([email protected])