6.1.1 Why choose CoinFLEX and FLEX Coin?

  • FLEX Coin is the platform coin issued to reward the traders on CoinFLEX trading platform.
  • Low trading fees, the higher the VIP level (more FLEX Held = higher VIP level), the lower the trading fees charged. Some of the lowest fees in Crypto. Makers orders even earn rebates for trading in derivatives markets.
  • Brand new and highly intuitive trading UI.
  • First ever deliverable Perpetual swap contract where the trader choses when it expires. Go long/short and hold the position forever, or take delivery of the underlying.
  • Up to 100x leverage on both perpetual swap and quarterly futures trading.
  • Spread Trading with up to 250X leverage.
  • Flexible Collateral Management, use any supported coin as collateral for trading in any market, no need to trade into stablecoin or BTC in the spot market.
  • Flexible account and sub-account management options to suit all user needs.
  • The world’s first short term lending Repo market – both in the traditional and crypto space – available for all.
  • Progressive borrowing and lending markets which utilise our market innovations to give the borrower or lender the best rates possible, cutting out the ‘high fee’ middle man.