Initial Futures Opening


Empowers blockchain networks to work together under the protection of shared security



Trading is live


Polkadot is a platform with low barriers to entry for flexible, autonomous economies acting together within Polkadot’s shared security umbrella.

Polkadot is a revolution, not just in blockchain technology but also towards enabling fairer peer-to-peer digital jurisdictions.


Be one of the first 300 users to hold Polkadot futures at CoinFLEX!


  1. Register/Log in to your CoinFLEX account (no KYC required to participate)

  2. At the Dashboard, go to Polkadot Pre-Sale

Upload an image of yourself holding a white card with text: “Polkadot CoinFLEX IFO” or “Polkadot IFO @ CoinFLEX”, and click “Register Interest” button.

If our team has any concerns about the submitted photo we will be in touch. Otherwise, consider yourself pre-approved for the pre-sale!

When pre-sale officially starts at 12:00 PM UTC on 17 July, the “Register Interest” button will turn into the “Redeem” button.

Prepare your account with 500 USDT balance to cover your Polkadot IFO purchase. You will be able to spend exactly 500 USDT at a price of $T75 to receive 6.6666 DOT Futures. To qualify for the pre-sale, you also need to hold 1000 FLEX Coins available to “lock up” for 7 days.

Where to get FLEX Coins? You can buy them on CoinFLEX exchange orderbook for USDT or mine them by trading CoinFLEX futures as a taker.

IMPORTANT: Only the first 300 of the pre-approved users who log in at the pre-sale time and allocate their USDT and FLEX to buy Polkatot IFO will be able to buy the contracts at the pre-sale discount. Just registering interest does not result in pre-sale participation.

  1. On the day of pre-sale, on 17 July, be ready at 12:00 PM UTC with a 1000 FLEX and USDT in your available balance. Go to Dashboard > Polkadot Pre-Sale and hit the “Redeem“ button to get the 6.6666 DOT Futures.

The pre-sale window will be open for just a couple of minutes so don’t miss out! Only 300 lots of 6.6666 DOT futures are available.

  1. You will be able to trade DOT Futures (DOTF) against USDTDOT on the CoinFLEX futures market as soon as you hold the DOT Futures balance.