sBCH Community Q&A

Please find our responses a href to questions from the SmartBCH community.

Update Separate to the Questions:

Below is a section quoted directly from our other recent blog post, which outlines our plans and goals for SmartBCH.

SmartBCH Liability Transfer

We are in advanced discussions (finalizing matters) with a group that wants to restore the bridge and take over the SmartBCH obligations. We aim to finalize and sign an agreement with this group as soon as possible.

This may conclude before the depositor vote, before the completion of restructuring, or post the completion of restructuring.

CoinFLEX Launches All-in-One Crypto Governance Platform with Commonwealth

CoinFLEX is excited to announce its partnership with Commonwealth to launch an all-in-one crypto governance platform for the CoinFLEX community. Commonwealth is a leading provider of crypto-native governance solutions, and their experience will be invaluable in helping CoinFLEX operate a world-class governance system. The Commonwealth governance platform provides a secure…

CoinFLEX Launches Locked Balances Trading

Dear CoinFLEX Community, From 8 AM UTC on Sunday, September 25, 2022 to 4 AM UTC on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 168 CoinFLEX creditors participated in CoinFLEX’s first governance vote on the company’s Restructuring Proposal.  The vote was successful, with 98.63% voting in favor of the proposal. CoinFLEX will submit…

CoinFLEX Vote Token Issuance and Next Steps

Dear CoinFLEX Community, Below is an overview of the process for participating in CoinFLEX’s first governance vote: Locate your CoinFLEX vote tokens (CFV) in your CoinFLEX wallet Transfer your CFV tokens to an off-exchange wallet (i.e MetaMask) Navigate Commonwealth to discuss and comment on the proposal Cast your official vote…