flexcoin 2 FLEX Coin

Moeda FLEX

FLEX Coin powers the CoinFLEX exchange and is the cornerstone of our CoinFLEX ecosystem. We have designed incentives for FLEX owners throughout our entire ecosystem that will lead to a consistent increase in demand for FLEX as CoinFLEX our products, and our users grow.

FLEX ecosystem:

AMM+: AMM+ allows for concentrated and efficient allocation of users capital across all of our products, meaning everyone using our CoinFLEX can trade more, with less. Because of the increased opportunity and efficiency that AMM+ creates for users and their funds, users will be trading more with the same amount of capital. AMM+ users will want to hold FLEX to reduce their fees.

flexUSD: flexUSD provides capital into our repo market (our short term lending market), as flexUSD grows our repo market will grow and the amount that people are borrowing, and therefore trading on CoinFLEX will grow. Repo borrowers will want to hold FLEX to reduce their fees.

Note tokens & noteUSD: Firms who borrow via Note Tokens are required to trade at least the total amount they borrowed per day in volume on the CoinFLEX exchange. As they are borrowing millions of dollars, these institutions will want to hold FLEX to reduce their fees.

We burn FLEX Coin each month using 10% of our revenue + 10% of our profits. On top we will be launching FLEX DAO which will pay 10% of revenue and 10% of profits into FLEX coin stakers in the DAO. Burning reduces the total supply and incentivising long term, governance oriented staking locks up supply and builds a vested community of strong FLEX holders.

Group 68 1 FLEX Coin

Lower Trading Fees and Fees Rebate

Hold FLEX to enjoy a discounted fee schedule and rebate on Maker Trades. For fees schedule, see a href.

Group 65 FLEX Coin

Higher affiliate payouts

Earn commissions up to 40% for Futures and
Spot trading.

Group 64 FLEX Coin

Post Margin in FLEX

FLEX Coin can now be used as collateral to trade futures.

Group 66 FLEX Coin

FLEX for Coin Vote

Vote for the project you want to list on CoinFLEX and receive participation rewards.

Group 63 FLEX Coin

Competitions Galore

Holding 4,000 FLEX in balance entitles you to free entry of CoinFLEX trading competitions.