1.1.16 What if no deposit arrived to my account

The transfer of blockchain asset can be divided into 3 steps: transfer-block confirmation-credited to account.

1、 Successful transfer means that the platform or wallet from which the coin was withdrawn has performed the transfer operation;

2、Complete block confirmation. Blockchain congestion, delay, etc. that will cause your asset to be delayed;

3、After completing the minimum number of confirmations required by CoinFLEX, we will credit the coin for you;

However, there exists some situations:

(1) If the transaction surpassed the minimum number of confirmations, please wait patiently as the coin should be shortly credited to your account;

Here are the minimum number of confirmations required by CoinFLEX for reference, However, network congestion、delay may cause the deposit process to be longer.

ETH & ERC20 = 12
SmartBCH BCH & SEP20 = 12
BNB = 20
DOGE = 50
other = 1

(2) If the blockchain explorer shows that the confirmation is complete, but the CoinFLEX account has not been received, please provide email, account ID, asset type, and TXID;

(3) If you have not found the TXID after withdrawn from sender side for a long time, please contact the sender’s platform.