Reduced trading fees for individuals and affiliates

Earn 10 USDT per 1,000 FLEX Coin Staked for 30 days

Benefits of Staking FLEX Coin

Lock up FLEX Coin for 30 days to receive a staking bonus in USDT

and benefit from reduced trading fees during that time.

10 USDT per 1,000 FLEX staked

Users will receive a bonus of 10.00 USDT per 1,000 FLEX staked for a 30 day lock-up period.

Bonus paid immediately upon the moment staking FLEX.

Lower Trading Fees

Stake FLEX to reduce trading fees to as low as 0% maker and 0.02% taker.

Stake Again

At expiration of the 30 day lock-up, users can choose to stake again and receive 10 USDT per 1,000 FLEX for another 30 day period.

Higher Affiliate Payouts

Your affiliate and sub-affiliate commissions are increased by staking FLEX Coin. The more you stake, you greater your commission percentages.

Competitions On-demand

FLEX stakers can create trading competitors whilst earning revenue from participant trading fees and competition wins. Find out more about competitions