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1.1.16 Why Hasn’t My Withdrawal Arrived?

April 03, 2022

If your withdrawal hasn’t arrived, do not be alarmed, as multiple factors could delay the arrival time.


There are three parts to completing a cryptocurrency transfer:


  1. The withdrawal request needs to be approved
  2. The transfer needs to be confirmed on the blockchain network
  3. Your cryptocurrency is then deposited in the corresponding wallet address


A TxID (transaction ID) is usually generated within 3-60 minutes, which indicates that CoinFLEX has successfully broadcasted the withdrawal. 


Below outlines the minimum number of network confirmations required for CoinFLEX to broadcast the withdrawal. Different cryptocurrencies and networks have different numbers of minimum confirmations.


Minimum number of confirmations for each cryptocurrency: 

ETH & ERC20 = 12

SmartBCH BCH & SEP20 = 12

BNB = 20

DOGE = 50

Other = 1


Transactions may also take longer depending on the amount of traffic on the network. If there is a lot of activity on the network, it may take longer for transactions to be confirmed. 


If the blockchain explorer shows that the transaction is unconfirmed, please wait for the confirmation process to be completed. This varies depending on the blockchain network. You can use your TxID to check the status of the transfer of your cryptocurrency by using a blockchain explorer, such as or 


If your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain explorer, it means your cryptocurrency has been successfully withdrawn from CoinFLEX, and we will not be able to provide further assistance. To seek further assistance, contact the support team of the destination address. 


If the blockchain explorer shows that the transfer is complete, but your funds have not arrived in your CoinFLEX account, email [email protected] with your account ID, asset type, and TxID (transaction ID) so that our customer experience team can work with you to resolve the issue.