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3.1 Trading Fees

July 24, 2020

CoinFLEX has some of the lowest derivatives and spot fees in the entire industry. Our fee tiers are based on how much FLEX a user is holding. A negative sign in front of a fee means that a user will be paid a rebate for being a “Maker”.


Taker: Any order that trades against other orders immediately will be a taker and pay the taker fee. IOC and FOK orders are always takers.

Maker: Any order that goes into the book before executing and is filled through another user “taking” is a maker order. Any Maker-Only or Maker-Only-Reprice orders are guaranteed to be maker orders.


Any FLEX in your CoinFLEX account as well as any FLEX you have staked will count towards your FLEX Balance.

All discounted fees will require payment in FLEX. Rebates will also be made in FLEX. Payments conducted in FLEX only are highlighted in bold.


How do you make money using AMM+? 

The AMM+ receive Maker Rebates of 3 basis points every time you’re traded with. Also, the AMM+ bots are scalping USD profits between a set of trading orders.


Fee 3.1 Trading Fees


Please note spread fees are on the spreads purchased. i.e. A spread is a combination of going long one future and shorting another one. So to buy 10 BTC of BTC-USD-SPR-QP-LIN means fees are paid on the size (10 BTC) and will result in a user having two positions (Perp and Quarterly).