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Fees Schedule Update

May 26, 2021

Dear FLEXers,


CoinFLEX will be updating the fee structure on May 28th 2021, at noon UTC. The reason for this change are:


  • Higher maker rebate gives the upcoming AMM+ users a slightly higher maker rebate to juice their yield and compensates for the risk of possible impermanent loss (IL)


  • Increase the FLEX holding requirements so that prop trading firms looking to arbitrage the tight, attractive prices made by the AMM+ bots have to hold more FLEX.


  • Enable three different ways to reach VIP Level 5-6 instead of FLEX holding requirements allowing volume and % market share of maker volume options as well.


As always, the only way to get fee discounts is to pay in FLEX coin and trading without holding FLEX coin will incur VIP Level 0 fees.


Updated fees schedule:

updated fees schedule Fees Schedule Update

Note: AMM+ activities will all be under VIP Level 6. This will not change a user’s normal (non-AMM) trading fees to VIP Level 6. Volumes traded via the AMM products will count towards 30 Day volume levels as long as the AMM NFT is in your CoinFLEX account.


Meanwhile, CoinFLEX be changing the USDT/USDC specific fees in the next few weeks (we will announce shortly before the day) to the fees below. Until then, the USDT/USDC markets have the same fee pairs as all other markets:

USDT Perps Fees Schedule Update

The updated fee structure is aimed at increasing the utility for FLEX coin and eventually benefit the FLEX hodlers. 


For benefits of holding FLEX, please refer to


Thank you for choosing CoinFLEX, the leading physically settled Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange.


CoinFLEX Team