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CoinFLEX operates with a 99% cold storage policy, with up to only 1% stored in a secure hot wallet. Our system has been built such that no single person, vault location or device failure could compromise the integrity of user Bitcoins.

All users are required to set up either Authy or YubiKey two-factor authentication meaning that if someone were to find out a user’s username and password they would still not be able to log into their account without the user’s Authy one-time password token or YubiKey.

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All the information supplied by you is transmitted via Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Once we have received your information, we use strict procedures and security processes to prevent any unauthorized access. Your data can only be accessed by authorized CoinFLEX staff. Two-Factor Authentication: We believe that Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) should be a required standard for any financial services company. Passwords alone are insecure and in order to follow the “something you have” and “something you know” standard of security, we require the use of 2FA for all users, all of the time.

双重认证(2FA) 常见问题


双重认证 (2FA) 为您登录详细信息添加了双层的安全性。这就是它的一个安全特性,它可以使用“你了解的东西”和“你拥有的东西”来匹配验证。第一个验证是密码验证,第二个是实际设备验证,可以是手机、平板电脑、电脑,也可以是YubiKey。与仅使用用户名和密码相比,双重认证提供了更强的安全性。


google authenticator 2 1 Security

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator是Google的基于软件的身份验证器,可实现两步验证服务。

Google身份验证器会在您的手机上生成两步验证码。 两步验证在登录时需要进行第二步验证,从而为您的Google帐户提供了更强的安全性。除了密码,您还需要手机上Google Authenticator应用生成的代码。 有关更多信息,请访问 Google AndroidGoogle iPhone

green yubico 1 Security

它是一个一次性密码(OTP)发生器,跟小型U盘很像。 申请帐户时,选择“yubikey”选项并输入yubikey令牌。每次登录CoinFLEX帐户时,您需要提供由您的Yubikey生成的安全令牌。你可以在亚马逊上购买兼容的YubiKey。 FIDO U2F安全密钥是不兼容密钥。有关Yubikey更多信息,请访问yubikey。 常见问题解答: http://www.yubico.com/support/faq/

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当您在申请帐户时,请选择“Authy”选项并输入不带国家代码的电话号码(例如07712343456)。您会收到一条短信,要求您下载Authy应用程序并使用其注册您的帐户。下载完成后,每次登录到您的帐户时,您都需要提供应用程序中显示的一次性密码(OTP)安全令牌。有关authy详细信息,请访问authy常见问题解答: https://www.authy.com/faq.


不需要。如果您不喜欢下载和安装Authy应用程序,您可以使用Yubikey作为首选的双重认证方法。Authy2FA为您提供了多个获取验证码的途径。您可以使用安卓或苹果的 移动应用程序 ,也可以使用作为Chrome扩展程序的 桌面应用程序 which runs as a Chrome extension. Authy apps are instant, do not require continuous internet connection and the desktop app enables a seamless two-factor authentication experience. You can find out more about these options on the Authy博客上找到关于上述途径的更多信息。此外,你可以 在这里查看更多 A YubiKey is a small USB device that you register with your CoinFLEX account and use every time you sign in. You can find out more about YubiKeys 这里 及 这里. You can purchase a compatible YubiKey 亚马逊. CoinFLEX supports 44-character YubiKey tokens. If you are a YubiKey VIP user, please use slot 2 to generate a valid token. FIDO U2F Security Key is not a compatible key.


There has been an increase in the instances of people having their mobile phone numbers taken over by malicious attackers via social engineering of mobile phone operator staff. In summary, the attack involves a hacker contacting a victim’s phone operator and convincing a call centre agent to transfer the victim’s phone number over to another, hacker controlled, SIM card. From there, the hacker arranges to reset the victim’s email using the SMS recovery option on their email account by which point the hacker often has all the information they need to access the vast majority of the victim’s online accounts. What makes this different from other attacks is that someone could have reasonably good security and it can still be circumvented. Thus, to prevent this on the CoinFLEX platform, we do not support SMS for 2FA sign in.


“Multi-device is disabled” error usually appears if you have already had an installation of the Authy app present and you no longer have access to the app (e.g. it was on your previous device). To resolve the “Multi-device is disabled” issue, you need to 重置帐户 with Authy. Once this process is complete you will be able to install a new Authy app which will not show this error. Please note that using the Authy multi-device function will enable all your Authy token accounts on the added devices.


If CoinFLEX does not appear in your list of accounts within the Authy app, please take the first step of uninstalling the app, reinstalling it, and registering again it with your phone number. Your local install of Authy can become corrupted due to an OS update, factory reset, or something similar. We recommend installing Authy on another device, like a laptop or tablet, to assess if the problem is related to Authy or your device. The Authy Chrome App works with Windows, Linux and Mac and can be 此处下载. After verifying the new device works, please reinstall Authy on your old device and the apps will sync. If these steps do not work, please try removing all previously registered devices on your Authy account listed under settings, and then reinstall the app. You may be required to clear all device registrations on stored on Authy’s server. To do this, use this link. This reset will take 24 hrs and cannot be accelerated, so this action should only be taken as a last resort if an alternate device will not work.


An SMS token is sent only during the Authy registration stage during the application process for a CoinFLEX account. An SMS is not sent for signing in or resetting a password. If you’ve been using SMS to sign in to your CoinFLEX account, you will be required to 下载Authy应用程序 on your smartphone or computer (as a Chrome extension) and register it with the same phone number you have been receiving the SMS on. CoinFLEX will appear on your list of accounts without the need to type codes or use QR codes. SMS is a best effort protocol, meaning your carrier will do it’s best effort to deliver the message to you. High network traffic or SPAM filters could prevent you from receiving the registration text message.

If you have not received the SMS, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that you have entered your phone number correctly.

  2. Confirm that you are using a web browser that supports SMS requests.

  3. Install the dedicated App: opening https://www.authy.com/install/ within your phone or computer browser will show you if there is an App for your device. You must enter the same phone number you used when applying for your CoinFLEX account. If you see CoinFLEX on the list of your Authy accounts, you can use the token from the App instead of the SMS token.


If you have not received the SMS, please follow these steps:

  1. You’ve entered spaces with the token (either between characters or around the token). The token consists of characters with no spaces.

  2. You’ve used a token assigned to a different account (either not a CoinFLEX Authy token or a CoinFLEX token from an App registered with a different Phone Number)

  3. You are attempting to use a token which is not the most recently generated.

    The token has expired (tokens are valid for 20 sec).